3D printed implants

Company Focus

BiteOn is a start-up company bringing a new concept to the oral implantology market: personalized dental implants. The shape and volume of the implants are based on the specific implant site and the available bone volume. Based on CBCT scan data, a virtual implant is designed to optimally fit the anatomy of the diastema in which the implant is to be placed. Tooth specific design. Every implant is unique. The implants are 3-D printed in Grade5 Titanium together with single use toolset for insertion.

Implant Challenge

The standard implant design is: cylindrical symmetrical screw. Crucial for placement is sufficient bone volume. In fact, the implants are designed to screw in solid bone and therefore 2-3 months of healing time after extraction has to be accepted. It is always seen as most optimal to insert implants immediately after extraction. A bio-inspired implant design, replacing the removed element would be most optimal.

Personalized Care

A personalized, anatomic-shaped implant, replacing the original dental element, is immediately placed in a fresh extraction socket, to reduce the treatment time dramatically.

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