Our Technology

Anatomic designed individualized implants

BiteOn implants are based on two breakthrough technologies:
– CBCT – Cone Beam Computed Tomography, 3 dimensional images of the bone and the dental structures
– Computer Aided Design , Computer Aided Manufacturing and the 3D-printing of Titanium

Based on CBCT scan data, a virtual implant is designed to optimal fit the anatomy of the diastema in which the implant is to be placed. Tooth specific design, respecting the unique space of the extraction site and the available bone volume. Every implant is unique.
The implants are 3D printed in Grade5 Titanium. A single use toolset will be printed in one session with the implant.

BiteOn implants can be placed immediately. Compared to the standard products, currently available in the market the treatment outcome will increase significantly. Roadblocks for immediate placement are removed.

BiteOn implants are manufactured for those situations in which a bone augmentation procedure is indicated, before or in combination with implant placement.

There are literally no limitations to make use of BiteOn implants in every patient.
BiteOn implants may transform current day oral implantology practice towards a custom designed implant protocol for all patients. Disruptive potential.